Beginning with a field trip to your local airport and followed up with classroom activities outlined in our "Flight Guide" text, Big World‘ provides educators with an exciting tool to help students make the connection from "real world" to classroom instruction. Big World‘ concentrates it activities throughout the Pacific Northwest and is best served by students in 4th through 8th grades.
Our volunteer teams pre-arrange with your local airport for a secured location to assemble students and faculty for our exciting three-hour program. Following a brief introduction to the pilots and a safety briefing, the students are divided into four equal groups, not to exceed 30 students. Each group is then guided by one of our crewmembers to the first of four training sessions. At the end of each 30-minute demonstration, the groups will rotate to the next station.

The Big World training stations are as follows:

The Airplane: Students will complete a preflight checklist. They will examine the control surfaces, aircraft systems and review the principles of aerodynamics.

Flight planning: This is an interactive course in planning a cross- country flight. Math computations include speed, fuel consumption, time and distance.

Touch ‘n Go: Airport operations and communication are demonstrated as your students walk through, taxi, take-off, flight patterns, and landings.

Safety and Survival: Students will learn how "Search and Rescue" activities are performed and equipment used. Survival techniques, useful for pilots and hikers alike, will also be discussed.

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