Big World™ is a non-profit corporation consisting of an Executive director and staff reporting to a Board of Directors. All are volunteers that give freely of their time and resources. They come from all walks of life . . . pilots, engineers, teachers, administrator, etc with one common interest aviation. Financial support comes from memberships and donations, both person & corporate.

Big World™ was founded in 1990 by a small group of aviation enthusiasts. Each in their own way wanted to give back to an industry that had so enriched their lives. What better way to do that then to reach out to the next generation and share with them the fascination and wonder of flight. The challenge was to simplify a discipline with complex formulas and principles into an educational program that while meeting the "essential academic learning requirements" would maintain a high level of student interest and enthusiasm. The founder chose to focus on the theory of flight, the airplane and flight planning. To date Big World’s program has touched the lives of more than 13,000 students throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and California.

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President Marilyn Emery
Vice President open
Treasurer Tom Jensen
Marketing Director John Dobson
Web Master Margarite Hargrave
Hal Bryan Dan Kay
Stephanie Allen Rich Jones
2006 Flyer
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