Big World's™ programs depend on corporate sponsorship to pay for the expenses of lodging, meals and fuel reimbursements to take our program outside the Puget Sound basin. For example in 2001 Big World's™ outreach program was limited to only five rural schools for underprivileged students.

Current and past corporate sponsors include:

Texaco, The Boeing Company, Blue Tarp Foundation, Washington Pilot's Association, The Students of Omak School District, Regal Air, The City of Omak, Microsoft Corporation, Cole & Weber, The Bicycle Center of Issaquah, Galvin Flying Services, as well as Individuals, both private and business, that have provided funds, transportation and discounts for their services

Volunteer opportunities

Big World™is looking for individuals who'd like to share their enthusiasm about flying by instructing students, grades 4 through 8 in our programs. Some programs are done locally others require travelling. Big World™ provides lodging, meals and fuel for our instructors. We currently request one week of your time.
Our programs are held in May, usually the second or third week. Big World™ organizes recreational activities during our travels. This is an opportunity to meet other aviation enthusiasts, and tour their local attractions; for example Sun Mountain Lodge, Grand Coulee Dam, Weisinger's Vineyards, gold panning in Winthrop.
With our web page up and running we are receiving inquires about our program. The number of programs we can provide depends on the commitment of our volunteers and executive board. Volunteers are not required to be located in the Puget Sound basin or required to be pilots, though we particularly would like to have IFR certified pilots and aircrafts participating. Come share your aviation interest with a new generation of potential pilots; giving students the motivation to stay in school and showing them real world applications for math, science, communication and team work.
Please join us in promoting education in your community.
Call Marilyn Emery at 206.246.9628 or e-mail Big World™ info@bigworldflight.org to participate.

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