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2019 Fall Flight

Big World Flight for Education will make our 2019 Fall Flight on the week of
September 24-26. (Oroville 9-11am on Tuesday, September24th; Republic and Curlew on 9-11am on Wednesday, September 25th; and Okangoan 9-11am on Thursday, September 26th.) We will be flying to four schools in Eastern Washington to present our program, showing students how some of the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects they are learning in school connect with the real world. The students will have the chance to get up close and personal with an airplane, as they learn why airplanes fly, how they navigate an airport and the many kinds of careers that are in aviation.

Big World Flight brings aviation to young students. Enjoy this WPA Wings Article about a program we conducted for Enumclaw area 6th and 7th grade students at Evergreen Sky Ranch.

2009 Republic Join with us in using aviation as a tool in motivating students to learn. We are looking for pilots who like working with children and have four days to volunteer, to fly with us. We have had pilots of all levels, glider, private, commercial, CFI, helicopter and ATP. Each of these brings something unique the program. Many students are very surprised to find that the people who flew in to present the program are teachers, engineers, plumbers, construction workers, as well as professional pilots. Our program is broken into four units, each easily within the teaching ability of a private pilot.

Program Mission

Provide educators with "real world" applications to motivate students to learn math, science, communication skills, decision-making and teamwork through the exploration of flight.

Organization Goals

• Motivate and inspire students to learn

• Provide teachers with the necessary tools to maintain student interest.

• Obtain a source of funds to support field trips and administrative expenses.

• Provide volunteers with unique opportunities to share their excitement for flying.


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